Whats Growling?

We now have a Growler at Hopsters. Whats a Growler I hear you ask? Well, it's a beer distribution system that purges the flagon ("Growler") with CO2 before it fills. This means the beer stays fresh for up to a month!

What's on the Growler?


Wylam's super Charged IPA Jakehead is now growling! Hoppy IPA at it's finest

Wander Beyond Raspberry Crash. 10% Imperial stout with raspberries. The sour raspberries and gloriously deep flavoured stout make this unmissable. Wander Beyond can do no wrong!


Wylams incredible DDH pale Purpose of Clarity is now pouring. And its the murky haze bomb you've been looking for...

And don't forget Growler Tuesdays! 10% off Growler refills every Tuesday!