Beer Delivery Subscriptions

Ok, whats the skinny?

Don't have the time to head in to Hopsters? Is traveling an issue and would delivery be a better option? Then look no further! Hop-Drop is here!

We deliver a box of the finest beers to your door step on the first Tuesday of the month.  How does it work? First, we send you a form to fill in so we can find out what you like and don't like. A bit like Tinder but for beer. Once we've got an idea of what you like, we put together a package of beers that we know you're gonna love.

We set you up on a direct debit and for £35 a month you will get about £40 worth of beer delivered to your door. So, it's even better value than you thought! 

We deliver the evening of the first Tuesday of the month. We currently deliver to Ipswich and Chelmsford only.

Just drop us an email at and we can get the ball rolling.